Loving Through the Pandemic

Dear Friends,

The world right now is plagued by fear and alienation. As many of you feel, the virus is a threat to people’s physical health, but the fear and alienation is a greater disease. Right now we are in a state of pandemic fear and alienation. It’s alarming and more alarming every day.

Institutions are shutting down, gatherings are cancelled or postponed. Governments recommend staying home and avoiding physical proximity. People are hoarding, avoiding each other, and looking at each other with suspicion. The negativity between human beings is a difficult environment to exist in and we all feel it.

At this time, a call for love is most needed. Truly, love is what we all need in facing this difficulty. Our humanity, our morality, our care for one another need to be extended now more than ever. We need to reach out to each other with gentle care and concern for the other’s well-being. We need each other’s humanity and heartfelt connection. It’s important that we treat others with care in every interaction, and reach out to each other to extend our hearts in the ways that we can.

Love and care can be extended without physical proximity. Consideration of others and mutual support can spread without endangering anyone’s physical health. Togetherness is a thing of spirit. Love is a thing of spirit. And what are our lives for, if not to give that?

Please consider what’s most needed. Consider what you can do to express your care and concern for others. Consider what you can give in terms of emotional support, friendship, and togetherness to those around you. Consider what can you do to heal the fear and alienation that are flooding the earth right now, and how you can resist those feelings in yourself.

Love keeps us strong, and it strengthens others. It helps us keep our spirits high and our minds bright in order to respond well to all circumstances. And most of all, it heals people’s hearts. It clears the atmosphere we all live in. We need everyone to help heal, or at least ease, the pandemic of fear around us.

If you need togetherness or support in this difficult time, please feel free to reach out to us. If you simply wish to connect, please don’t hesitate. Your resonance with this message will strengthen the spirit of love on this planet. This world desperately needs the influence of loving kindness. Please join us in bringing it in.

With love,
Your friends at LoveTrust

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