Our Mission

Our mission is to show people a life of love beyond ego¹, lived by human beings just like themselves; and inspire them to make love the basis of every aspect of their daily lives. We wish, also, to show people that trust is actually safer than distrust, to restore people’s willingness to trust and become truly trustworthy to others, on this conflict-torn planet where trust has become rare.

We believe that love and trust would heal this world, by curing the root causes of its problems—selfishness, conflict, and separation. Love won’t let us be unkind, unfair, thoughtless, or cruel. Trust undoes the fear and alienation that divide us. Without plenty of love and trust, heart-satisfying relationships and harmonious cooperation are impossible dreams—not only on a global scale, but in personal relationships, with lovers, family, friends, and coworkers. Selfishness, conflict, and separation start on the personal level, in each of us, and their solution must start there too.

We wouldn’t ask anyone to do what we ourselves can’t do, so we spent many years diligently working to make love and trust the basis of our own lives. In the process, we tested and refined our understanding, and found and threw out many misconceptions we had, which so many also share. Now, having proven to ourselves that it’s possible, we are dedicated to demonstrating a life of love and sharing what we have learned, while we continue to learn. And we hope to support our brothers and sisters in enjoying lasting intimate relationships of their own that are harmonious, dynamic, and deeply fulfilling.

We feel equally committed to supporting people in establishing their own close and mutually dependent relationship with the Divine. People relate to the Divine in a variety of different ways, but we’ve found that many people remain dissatisfied with their relationship with God. They long for more—like we did. We want people to know that a deeply personal relationship with God—as friend, lover, parent, guide, and constant companion—is available to all. And we want to support anyone who wishes to establish a deeply soul-satisfying connection with Divinity that is direct, dependable, vibrant, mutually supportive, and intimately responsive to your innermost thoughts, desires, and needs.

We work daily to fulfill our mission by freely sharing helpful and inspiring teachings, primarily on our websites (see the Projects page for links), by being personally available to those who reach out to us, and by embodying love in action in whatever we are doing, wherever we are.

¹Ego is the set of ideas, beliefs, and assumptions by which we maintain our sense of separateness from God and all of life—even those closest to us—and justify our resistance to wholehearted loving. And, it is the selfish, self-protective, fearful mentality that accompanies our sense of separation.

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