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If you resonate with our vision and our purposes, we welcome the opportunity for deeper involvement with you. Here are a few ways that can happen:

Visiting our websites

You can stay connected to us by visiting our websites as often as you like, and sharing our articles with others. We appreciate any help you can give us in getting our message to others who might be interested.

We maintain mailing lists at some of our websites, and send subscribers periodic notifications of changes to our sites and other communications of interest. If you would like to receive these notifications, please visit our websites to subscribe.

We also encourage you to write to us with questions about the issues covered in our teachings and the spiritual challenges of your daily lives. We will correspond with you at any length and to any depth that is appropriate. Also, we are always open to your suggestions as to how to improve or clarify the teachings, etc.

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Studying our teachings

For anyone who is seriously interested in learning and practicing the principles we teach, we offer these additional opportunities for students:

  • Online courses, consisting of reading assignments and study questions which are e-mailed to you at regular intervals. These courses are designed for study on your own or with a friend.
  • Regular e-mail correspondence with a resident member of LoveTrust.
  • Customized programs of spiritual exercise, guided by an experienced mentor.
  • Visits and personal retreats at the LoveTrust headquarters in Oregon.

Helping our mission, wherever you are

To truly thrive, every human being needs the support of an extended circle of friends, beyond the married couple or nuclear family, and deeper than casual or circumstantial associations. And every human heart needs to love more broadly, too.

Life as it is commonly lived is far too disconnected. Religious membership, participation in organizations, social networking, and other familiar forms of personal interaction aren’t enough to fully satisfy the human heart. They leave people still feeling unseen, unknown, and unfulfilled. If you recognize these feelings in yourself, recognize too that you are not the only one.

Many people—far more than we and our websites will ever reach—long for more connection in their lives. Therefore, we invite people to be our partners in spirit, helping us to weave a web of personal love around the world—to offer not just prayers and goodwill, but tangible friendship, personal attention, and commitment to others. We encourage you to do this by forming affinity groups wherever you are, and meeting regularly as a group, for friendship, mutual support, group discussion, and cooperative service.

If this idea inspires you, we would be happy to help you get started where you live. We’ve helped others in this way, and can give you advice and study materials, and answer any questions that come up.

Resident membership

It is not necessary to live with us or even meet us to benefit from our teachings and receive our assistance. And realistically, the life we’ve chosen is not for everyone.

We are, for all practical purposes, like a family. Most of us have been together for many years, and expect to be together for the rest of our lives. Our commitment to each other is built upon mutual affinity and mutual love. It takes time for anyone to understand our shared values and how we live them, and make a commitment to us based on that understanding. Therefore, we proceed gradually in welcoming new people to live with us.

We are not closed to new members. But at the same time, the expansion of this group is not a high item on our priority list. We are focused on the work at hand: to create and distribute teachings about living spiritual life, and to support people—no matter what lifestyle they have chosen—with answers to questions that bear upon spiritual life and spiritual principles in action. Our real mission is not to expand our immediate family, but to help anyone with love.


Another way to get involved and support what we’re doing is by contributing financially to our work. We could really use the help.

We never charge for any of our offerings. The small group of LoveTrust resident members earns all the money and volunteers all the time we spend on humanity service. We’re happy to give what we can, but we are grateful for any contributions people wish to freely give. Your donations would help us manifest dreams for helping humanity that are beyond our current means. If you are so moved, you may use the button below to support our work with a financial contribution.

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