Who We Are

LoveTrust was founded by a group of friends who have chosen to live and work together, and support each other in living our higher values. Some of us have been with the group for over forty years.

Coming together

It all started when three friends got together with an inspired vision: a group of human beings who make a wholehearted emotional and practical commitment to each other, and, on that basis, live a life that is vibrant, fulfilling, prosperous, harmonious, moral, and Divinely attuned—all at once. We believed friendship would be an ideal context for personal growth, emotional and spiritual fulfillment, and humanity service, and we hoped to meet others who would help make our vision a reality.

One by one others arrived, from many backgrounds and for a variety of reasons. Some intuited that love was the way, but didn’t know how to bring that intuition into life. Some were looking for kindred spirits, and were attracted by our heart values. Some were frustrated with the world and their past attempts at relationships, and disillusioned with the popular solutions: psychology, mainstream spirituality, and self-improvement. Together, we all set out to learn what love truly is and what it requires of the lover; what power and potentials deep commitment brings to life; and how to actually transcend our egos—how to overcome in ourselves the all-pervading self-orientation at the root of all personal and interpersonal problems.

Growing together

We had faith that together, we could transcend the limitations of this distraught world, and far surpass the expectations of humanity as a whole. Although people around us were losing hope of finding fulfillment in love, we set our sights on it. And we were optimistic about succeeding, because we had in our group the guidance and example of our wise and devoted friend David Truman. He was already experienced in the waters of deep intimacy, and he lovingly helped us navigate the many rough spots we hit while learning to love and cooperate with each other. He steadied us through our years of struggle, as we went through cycles of feeling shaken by the ugliness of our self-centeredness; trying (and often failing) to overcome our reactivity; outgrowing long-accepted beliefs; and making real progress but realizing how far we still were from our goal.

All along, David accompanied us in deep explorations of truth, spirituality, and what it means to be human. From his experiences helping people, his understanding of the human condition grew. He shared each new insight with the group; we experimented with them and helped him refine them. Then he wrote copiously about the things we learned, amassing a rich legacy of deep understanding of humanity, its problems, and their solutions.

Since his passing, we have continued helping and guiding each other, and doing our best to carry forward the spirit and teachings he gave us, and make them available to the world.

Gifts to share

What humanity really needs more than anything, we feel, is a tangible demonstration of the possibilities that almost no one ever sees manifest—certainly not in Westernized society. We feel it is our mission to actually show what human life can be and is meant to be, by living it. And to restore humanity’s flagging faith in each other, by validating and cherishing what is most human in all of us, and by bringing out what is truly divine in each one. We also want to refresh and renew people’s faith in love and trust—both of which are universally wanted and needed, but also widely feared and misunderstood. We feel this demonstration is sorely needed; and we have quite a good start on it in our personal and functional relationships.

Although we know we still have plenty of headroom, we have a level of group cooperation, harmony, communication, sharing, mutual service, and love that is rare. Having faced and overcome many difficult challenges and hardships together, we have confidence that in friendship we can work through whatever arises. We know from our own experience that by tuning for heart values with each other, we can survive and overcome any crisis, handle any problem, and reach decisions that feel deeply right to all of us. And we have much to share from our discoveries along the way. We hope that the things we’ve learned will inspire and empower people to make loving, constructive adjustments in their own lives.

Human-Divine Cooperation

We also aim to realize in our own lives, and show in the way we live, the practical possibility and great value of cooperation with the Divine, which has become a central part of our lives. We’ve found that loving functionality in relationship with human beings is directly related to loving functionality in relationship with Divinity. Constructive involvement in social living purifies and uplifts the spirit, and makes us more receptive to higher guidance. Also, a heartfelt and sincere desire to be good and helpful to others powerfully invokes God’s presence and participation. The lines get blurred at that point, when Divine love flows into and through human love. This has been our experience.

So, our lives have become an exploration of human-to-human cooperation and human-Divine cooperation. We consider this important pioneering work, since it is something that the human race needs now more than ever. The challenges facing this world are truly daunting. When times get more difficult, when resources are tight and the future looks bleak, fear inspires separative, survivalistic thinking. This only makes problems worse. Here, we practice love, cooperation, and reliance on Divine guidance, not only as a personal lifestyle choice, but also to strengthen and preserve precious human values and spiritual sensibilities, within ourselves and in the human family as a whole. These are essential inner resources for all of us as we face an uncertain future.

Humanity Service

We currently maintain a number of websites where we share David’s writings and hope to resonate and reinforce people’s own higher intuitions of truth and rightness. (See the Projects page for links.) We are not affiliated with any organized religion, spiritual path, or dogma. We wish to help all people understand and embrace the fundamental spiritual truths that are recognized by all faiths, and in each individual’s heart-knowingness. We offer our help freely. While we’re open to donations, we don’t rely on outside sources of support. We take responsibility to earn enough to meet our personal needs and generate a surplus to fund our humanity service.

We’re serious about wanting to help the world, and we’re realistic enough to know that the only way to do that is one person at a time. Therefore, we’re always available to answer questions and correspond with anyone who wants to bring love and spiritual values into everyday life.

Contact us, we’ll always write back.

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