The Opportunity at Hand

Dear Friends,

All around the world, people’s lives have suddenly changed. It has never been so obvious that we are all in it together. The governments of many countries are advising everyone to stay home. The world has slowed down. The traffic has radically dropped, and many of us are home, face to face with ourselves, with the ones with whom we share our lives, and with the situation at hand. It’s a time of challenges, but also opportunities.

Right here and now there is an opportunity for all of us to expand beyond the small sense of self and reach into our relationships, reach into our hearts for compassion, for higher perspective, for the good in this opportunity.

In shutting down many of the normal functions we have a chance to slow down, to sit and contemplate, to ponder, to wonder, to see what’s truly important. Feeling into what there is to feel, and what others around us are also experiencing, is a life-affirming and life-expanding experience. It can be life-changing.

People focus too much on what is bad about challenges, and not on what is good about them. There is so much good in challenge, in having less, in sharing being a necessity. It is good to be required to pull in: to your neighborhood, to your immediate environment, to those around you in need, and be in a position to provide for their need. It is good to reach up and out, and it is good to have less: less distraction, less to do for oneself, less self altogether. It is good for the environment to be cleared of frenetic energy, unquestioned drive for production, greed, and the rest.

There is a great need for peace. Peace within the soul. Peace within the heart. People can find it. They can sit and ponder. They can do what they can to be resourceful, to ask for help, to reach out beyond fear, to care for everyone around them in all the ways they can. There is power within each person, each heart and soul. Let’s not underestimate the power of every individual to make choices for the higher, to see the better of a million things that need that kind of discernment brought to the fore. A worldwide meditation on the situation of civilization is no bad thing. It is, apparently, exactly what’s required.

Your friends at the LoveTrust

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