Love Is the Cure

Dear Friends,

Where is the light at the end of this tunnel? It is close at hand, but deeper than we think.

To fully cure any illness requires us to find and eliminate the cause. Otherwise we’re just managing symptoms, but not restoring true health.

Everyone knows we have a serious health crisis on our hands. But it’s much worse than that: we have a serious spiritual crisis. It’s a different kind of infection, and it’s coming to a head. If we don’t see that, and just go back to business as usual, we’re not facing what there is to face, and we’re not addressing the actual problem.

The coronavirus pandemic is only the latest symptom of a spiritual pandemic that is tremendously more deadly—a pandemic of egoism, selfishness, greed, and indifference.The problem is not new: egoism, selfishness, greed, and indifference have been with us since the beginning of history. World history is full of the terrible results—centuries of war, poverty, corruption, inhumanity, and injustice.

For the most part, people’s personal lives are no better: conflicting with each other; trying to come out on top, to take advantage of situations (or others), to “get away” with doing something selfish and inconsiderate. The parts are just as bad as the whole, but easier to overlook.

For generations, most human beings have refused to make truly loving choices, to make personal sacrifices for the greater good, to think deeply about the consequences of their actions, to consider their effects on others. The results of all this selfishness may be delayed or denied, but they are piling, piling, piling up. The world is groaning under the weight of it. Our hearts are heavy. Our world is spiritually sick, made sick by selfishness and the belief that it’s okay to be selfish.

But humanity cannot get away with being selfish forever. We aren’t getting away with it.

Life simply doesn’t work this way: Each one for oneself. Each family, each country an island. Each looking out for their own, protecting their things, their preferences, even their health, at great expense. People don’t realize how expensive that is, how much it robs them of their well-being, how much it costs their hearts and their humanity. How much they’ve traded in of their actual nature and higher potential in order to be separate, unsurrendered, ungiving. It costs them and everyone tremendously.

We cannot change the consequences of humanity’s past choices. We cannot change anyone else’s choices. But we can change our own. We can make new choices at any moment, and energize things in new directions. Our power to choose is hugely impactful. And if we choose to love, our choice is hugely healing. Love will heal our own hearts, and it will extend healing to all.

Love is the antidote for selfishness. So, love is the real, ultimate cure for what is happening in the world right now, and for what will continue to happen in new and even more devastating forms, until it’s cured. Every loving choice you make, and every loving choice you inspire in others, helps to heal the outward and inward sickness of humanity.

This is the spiritual message of the coronavirus pandemic. Look! To get through it is requiring us to cooperate, make personal sacrifices, and consider each other’s needs. It is bringing out the best in us. Can we take a hint? Can we choose to keep caring, cooperating, making sacrifices for the good of all? Or must we have more disasters to force us to do it?

That is what this crisis is telling us, and asking from us. Please join with us in choosing to cure humanity’s spiritual crisis, with love.


Your friends at LoveTrust

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