A Spiritual Perspective on Current Affairs

The conscience of America is stirring, the streets are in turmoil, and the world is watching. We are seeing peaceful protests and angry riots. We are feeling the anguish of our oppressed brothers and sisters in the face of years of denial and indifference. And sensitive hearts are wondering where the country is going, and what each of us can do about it. Here is some help for understanding what is happening from a spiritual perspective.

In cities and towns across America, people are in the streets. Some of them are calling for justice, for an end to hatred, prejudice, and privilege. Some are reacting to the demonstrations with fear, blame, and lies. Some are venting their anger and frustration through violence and looting.

The unrest in cities and towns across America was sparked by the death of George Floyd, but the outrage is from years of injustice, racism, and suffering. The infection of selfishness, irresponsibility, and unlove in American society is coming to a head, breaking through layers of indifference and denial. Finally, the recent events are shaking America and waking people up from self-satisfied apathy. As disturbing as these events are, they are a reflection of the status quo. Racism and injustice are systemic problems in American society, which has lacked sufficient will to change.

Unfortunately, for the voice of love and rightness to be heard, it needed to come to this. It takes a lot to shake an unquestioned status quo. Things have to come to a head to be dealt with. And, as upsetting as it is, that is a good thing. What is hidden, what is denied, what is avoided is protected by unconsciousness. But when it is seen and felt for what it is, we have a chance to make change.

Real change does not come from a change in external affairs. Real change is a change of choice in relation to the external world, in relation to the presented options. Change occurs when people make new choices.

As human beings we are always choosing. We are always standing for something, always voting for something, with our choices, our actions, and our inactions. All too often we choose unconsciously, but the turmoil happening right now on American streets and in American hearts is bringing people’s choices to consciousness.

Consciousness gives people an opportunity to make different choices. An opportunity to take a stand, to choose consciously, instead of uncaringly going along with the status quo. An opportunity to choose for the sake of love, for the sake of goodness, for the well-being of all.

What we are seeing is ugly. Hatred is ugly. Unlove is ugly. Prejudice is ugly. People need to see and feel the ugliness in order to choose against it strongly enough to overthrow it. Uprooting evil, uprooting ego and replacing it with real love, is essential. Essential. Real love and real moral choice within each individual is necessary for significant change in the world. Until the ugliness is uprooted in the hearts of individuals and there is a palpable conversion to care and consideration for all, the struggle for justice and equality will not be conclusively won.

The unlove in this world will not change until people see it and decide to do different themselves. That is how change happens. It’s good that things have come out of the shadows and become glaringly obvious. It will take time and struggle to change the status quo, but each personal choice is significant, and destiny-determining. Every positive thought and loving action makes a difference.

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