Jump Into Love!

Dear Friends,

LIVE! because, as you know, no amount of understanding alone is enough. To progress spiritually, one must take responsibility to live what one knows.

LIVE! because doing is essential to learning. LIVE! To learn what you’ve learned, and to find out the rest of what you need to learn, and master. Learn to live, and live to learn more.

LIVE! to do battle with your ego for the protection/manifestation of your True Goodness.

LIVE! To pump the strengthening iron of incarnation. LIVE! To be polished mirror-smooth in the necessary, bold, decisive, committed, diligent, and liberating effort to earn your spiritual wings.

LIVE! to make your life worth living, by helping others and making your world a better place.

And first, last, and always: LOVE!

I say LOVE! to bring your issues to the fore, to dare your ego to come out to fight, where you can choose or refuse your resistance to loving.

I say LOVE! to remind you that loving is what your heart and soul wants and need to do. Love is your highest purpose, your only REAL purpose.

LOVE! because loving is the only way to heal or be healed.

LOVE! to rescue the world from the pain and delusion of anything LESS than Love.

LOVE! because it is God’s will.

Bear with me and my requests, if you will, because I love you, and there is something great in this for you. In the dark, before the sun comes up, the world that is, with all its trees, its flowers, its bounteous beauty, does not seem to be here at all. Just so, all the love you want to see will appear only when you live all the love you are.

You are the sun, you see, and I have good reason for asking you to shine and showing you how: I want you to see the beautiful things waiting for you.

— David Truman

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