Every Vote Counts

Dear Friends,

The presidential election in the United States is on people’s minds all over the world, and it calls our attention to the importance of voting. So let’s talk a bit about voting and the votes that are being cast every single day, by every single person. It’s not political voting we’re talking about now; it’s the vote for love, or for ego.

A vote for love is different than voting for a political party or a leader. The vote for love is taking one’s own personal responsibility for the decisions that are being made in one’s own sphere of influence.

This is not voting for somebody else to make the right decisions. It’s not voting for somebody else to represent you. It is the vote that each and every one of us has for the state of affairs in our own life, and how those choices are going to affect the affairs in our household, in our marriage, in our friendships.

Just like there is a political climate that surrounds us, which contains a lot of conflict and tension we all experience, there is also an emotional climate we live in, in our relationships with one another. We influence that climate by our decisions:

  • What is the loving response to the circumstance around me?
  • What is the loving thing for me to do for this person?
  • What is the loving way of acting in this circumstance, or interacting with others?

Those choices determine in truth how life turns out.

The choice for love or ego is the most important kind of choice that people have, and we have it always and ever, in every political situation, in every regime, in a democracy as well as any other form of governance. That right—the right to be moral—is never taken away from people. Even the people who are suppressed and repressed and mistreated also always have this right. This is people’s free will in fact. This is the inalienable right of every single human being, and nothing can take it away from us.

Each and every one of you has tremendous power to affect the world around you, whether or not you have a vote in the U.S. presidential election, or any political vote. And whether or not your vote is one that helps create governmental changes that you may find favorable.

Regardless of the outcome of any political election, you have the power to vote for love in how you think and how you respond to what’s happening around you. That in fact is the determining factor for what’s going to happen in your immediate environment, and also whether the people around you are going to feel honored, respected, and well cared for.

You have an independent state from all the other affairs in the world when you create an environment in which human beings are respected and loved. That is the autonomy you have in this world, in truth. This is true no matter where you live on Planet Earth, and in spite of the political situation you may sometimes feel at the effect of. You never are, in fact. You always have the autonomy to live by the rule of the heart, if that is what you vote for. If love and your own heart-understanding and sensitivity is what you vote for, then you are voting for that autonomous state.

Of course, you can also vote to be at the effect of the events of the world, and then you are actually more implicated by them, more affected by them, and less in touch with your true power. But in fact you always, always, always can vote for love, and that will give you a sense of independence as you truly, rightly have it.

Friends, your votes are tremendously powerful, just as you are. And you continuously exercise that power with everything that you do, every act towards another human being, every thought about the other, or even about yourself. Every day, every vote of yours counts.


Your friends at LoveTrust

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