Your Humanity Is the Answer to All the Ills of this World

Dear Friends,

Your humanity is the answer to all the ills of this world. Your humanity. Your humanity is what brings out the humanity in others. Your humanity is what brings out right and loving responses in you, which are essential in these times of social, political, and environmental insecurity.

There is a pain in the heart of each of you over the suffering of many people, and over the loss of joy and freedom that is more easily explored in more peaceful times. But the biggest pain we each feel is over people losing their own sense of humanity. Losing their sense of humanity drives them to radical actions like shootings and violence, and makes them greedy and self-possessed, oblivious to the catastrophic effects on other human beings and the environment.

At the core of all the depravity that you see in this world is narrow self-interest and its divisive mentality. Self-centeredness is like a wool blanket over people’s eyes. It blinds them to their effects on the world. It prompts them to act out in reaction to how bad things have gotten for them personally. It makes them shrink into themselves, and lash out.

But even if life on Earth becomes more and more difficult for everyone, the human heart is still beating, as love would have it. The human heart is still there in each of you, and that’s what binds us together. It brings us together to feel, to see, to know, and to love, even in the most dire circumstances. The heart has the right response, and that response makes a big difference to other hearts.

To bring one’s heart, one’s humanity, to any situation is the universal answer in times of peace and in times of turmoil. But it makes an ever-greater point, and it’s ever more important—even crucial—to bring it in times of turmoil.

You are here, in this world, in these times, to bring that answer—to bring your heart, to give your love, and to be the light when it’s foggy, when it’s dim, and when it’s dark. Your light is needed; your humanity is needed.

Looking for an answer in cosmic perspectives may be comforting. It may give you space to know that each soul is eternal, and each soul is loved. To know that in order to grow, each soul must choose, and learn from those choices. It’s good to know these things, but they do not really make enough difference when it comes to facing the difficulties of life.

Living life in times of turmoil requires a different kind of wisdom. It needs us to be attentive, considerate, and human in our approach to each challenge, and to everyone around us. This is what the times are calling for. They call for a real consideration of how to live, how to meet each challenge, how to love through the many difficulties. The human heart has loving, constructive, unifying responses to each. It will pull us together when fear makes us scatter. It will prompt us to reach out and seek good company when a threat would prompt us to hide.

Embracing life and other people in times of turmoil is another kind of challenge, but if you feel your humanity, if you listen to the still small voice of your heart, you will feel what’s needed. When you pay attention and feel, you can recognize the voice of the heart beneath the clamoring voices of ego and culture, the conflicting impulses of fear and self-protection. Unlike them, the heart’s voice feels sweet and pure, and full of care and consideration for everyone. Your heart will whisper to you what to do.


Your friends at LoveTrust

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