Your Love Makes a Difference

Dear Friends,

The state of the world is on everyone’s mind, and weighs on every sensitive heart. The state of the world. The state of humanity. The growing restlessness and unhappiness of every nation, and of every people. Even if the world in our backyard is not immediately affected, the troubles at a distance are pressing in, almost at each person’s feet, and already affecting our hearts, each and every one of us.

The helplessness and hopelessness seem insurmountable to many, and so it may appear. But love has a solution to every problem, even these. From the point of view of love there is ever and always love to give, to be, to feel, to pray for. Every single human heart needs a tremendous amount of love and compassion right now, and they need our prayer. True heartfelt prayer, turning our eyes and heart to God or whatever form of the Divine we relate to for comfort, perspective, and answers to the heart’s perennial question, “What can I do, how can I help, what can help now and now?”

In our silent prayers with the Divine, and in our spoken prayers with others, formal or informal, we turn ourselves to the solutions within and without. In prayer our hearts and minds can be directed. And then, it is time to act. Act out of love. Act in care. Act to relieve the person next to us, the person next door, our neighbor, our friend, our mate, our boss, whomever is in our personal sphere, our sphere of influence. These are the ones we are responsible for healing, for helping, for sharing with.

This is our will aligned with Love itself, the love within us. The desire beats in every heart to heal, to help, to love, to fix, to bring comfort, and to alleviate all hurts. This is what we most deeply want and actually need—not only to have solutions, and to be given love, but to be that for others. This is a very real need of every human heart, and we are pining to fulfill that need, each and every one of us.

So, move on your heart inspirations when they are clear, when they are knocking on your internal door. Reach out. Give an ear, lend a hand, give a dollar. Or simply pick up the phone and call. 

Whatever we can do, whatever we possess, can be used to make a difference to someone. If you can cook, bake someone cookies. If you garden, bring a friend some flowers. If you can draw, make them a card with a personal message.

Do what’s needed to create a sense of relief, a sense of camaraderie, a sense that someone is there watching and caring, an expression of your real humanity in response to theirs. Their cry. Their need. That is our mission. It is the mission of every heart to do that and only that, precisely that.

Your friends at LoveTrust

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