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Dear Friends,

Great news! “How to Handle Wrongdoing,” a new study guide based on the Wrongdoing Card, is now available for free download on the Cards for Living website.

Guilt and wrongdoing are such challenging experiences for people — and how we handle those experiences is crucial. When we do wrong it can be hard to face, but if we don’t handle it well, our peace of mind and our relationships suffer.

“How to Handle Wrongdoing” helps in learning how to respond constructively to the inevitable mistakes we all make. It contains simple explanations and illustrations that expand on the message of the Wrongdoing card. It also contains questions to help people relate to the message personally, and suggestions for implementing the new ideas.

Here’s a small taste of the guide:

It’s a common human experience: All of us do things sometimes that hurt someone’s feelings or cause them a problem.

Clumsy dancing
Person bothered by guilt

When that happens, our guilty feelings are the natural response of our heart, calling our attention to our wrong turn, asking us to correct it.

But guilt is uncomfortable, and our wrongs are painful to face. So people often try to dismiss or minimize those feelings in a few common ways:

Wrong responses to wrongdoing

We’ve all seen them, and done them! The trouble is, these strategies don’t work. In fact, they just make things worse.

The Right Response to Wrongdoing Card outlines a healthy and effective way to respond to the pain we feel when we’ve done wrong by our heart’s standards.

Guilt's message

The Cards for Living are full of valuable insights on the most important areas of human life. All the Cards and the new study guide are available to be downloaded for free from the Cards for Living website or with the buttons below. 


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