Just Added to YouTube: “Apology Is Golden”

Dear Friends,

All human beings do things we feel legitimately guilty about — things we know better than, things below our personal heartfelt standards, things that cause someone else a pain or a problem. At such times our guilty feelings are the natural response of our heart, drawing our attention to our wrong turn, asking us to correct it. But typically, people react badly to guilt, and separate from others in shame. That unhealthy reaction to guilt, David Truman declares, is the “bane of human existence.”

In this talk, David unravels the wrong thinking that keeps us from honestly facing and apologizing for the error we made. When we simply acknowledge that what we did was wrong and we don’t want to do it again, we’re back on the same page with others. Our loving connection is restored. 

You can watch the video or download the transcript using the buttons below. 

Your friends at LoveTrust

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