New YouTube Video: “Revising the Blueprint for Love”

Dear Friends,

The usual approach to love and relationship is to find a special someone to love, and focus our love and attention on them primarily. Others are not “supposed” to matter as much. But we’ve all experienced what a lie that is. In “Revising the Blueprint for Love,” a talk recorded in 1983, David Truman says:

“In theory, it should not matter that people blow hot and cold. In theory, one moment when your friend is too busy for you, or needs their space, or seems withdrawn and distant, shouldn’t make any difference. But in reality, the human heart is more sensitive than that: there is no amount of rejection small enough for someone not to notice.”

In the video he points to a radically better way—a way so beautiful it would satisfy any heart. The video is now available on YouTube. Check it out!

Your friends at LoveTrust

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