New YouTube Video: The Inside Track

Dear Friends,

When someone speaks, what do you hear… and what do you feel? There are two levels to every interaction. On the surface, we exchange pleasantries and share data with each other. But much more is actually flowing between us. Below the surface are emotional undercurrents of how each of us feels physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This deeper content is rarely mentioned, but if we tune into it, we feel what the other is feeling. We experience what they’re experiencing. When we pay attention on that level, we’re on the inside track with them. We are listening to their heart, not just their words. And if we find an appropriate, respectful way to communicate that, somehow—not necessarily in words—then they will feel seen. Recognized. Addressed.

In this talk, David Truman explains how to relate with people on the inside track. If you do it with care, you can interact with anyone in a deeply personal and fulfilling way—even when the topic of conversation is the weather, or the task at hand.

That deeper recognition and togetherness is something everyone craves. You can provide it once you learn to relate on the inside track.


Your friends at LoveTrust

Here is the poster David referred to in the video:

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