David Truman on YouTube: “The Amazing Truth and Purpose of Relationship”

Relationship—we all want it, we all need it, and it kicks our butt. At least, close relationship does. Relationship is so challenging that many people simply give up on relationship, or they avoid the challenge of closeness by keeping their connections casual and superficial. But whenever we sincerely embrace any relationship, even a one-night stand, it challenges us by pulling us out of ourselves, out of our comfort zone, and beyond our personal preferences and plans.

In this talk, David Truman explains why relationship is so spiritually important to human beings, and also so challenging. Relationship demands self-sacrifice; it requires us to transcend what we selfishly want from other people. It’s not comfortable or easy, but it offers us a pearl of great price: relief from the cramp and limitation of ego and self-centered living. The true purpose of relationship is to set us free—from ego, and the pain and suffering it causes.


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