This site was put here by a small group of friends, so you could find us, and so you could be found, too. We value who you are, and agree with you about what you need — what everyone needs: Love. Trust. Commitment. Connection. We invite you to find these treasures in yourself, and give them to your friends. We’re here to help.

Messages to Friends

Jump Into Love!

Dear Friends, LIVE! because, as you know, no amount of understanding alone is enough. To progress spiritually, one must take responsibility to live what one knows. LIVE! because doing is essential to learning. LIVE! To learn what you’ve learned, and to find out the rest of what you need to learn, and master. Learn to live, and live to learn more. LIVE! to do battle with your ego for the protection/manifestation of your True Goodness. LIVE! To pump the

August 25th, 2020|

Live, Love, and Learn

July 26th, 2020|

Dear Friends, For us human beings, nothing is more important than love. We’re always looking for love from others; they’re always looking for love from us. That’s just how it is for us. Every interaction either warms us or chills us, depending on

A Spiritual Perspective on Current Affairs

June 7th, 2020|

The conscience of America is stirring, the streets are in turmoil, and the world is watching. We are seeing peaceful protests and angry riots. We are feeling the anguish of our oppressed brothers and sisters

Love Is the Cure

April 26th, 2020|

Dear Friends, Where is the light at the end of this tunnel? It is close at hand, but deeper than we think. To fully cure any illness requires us to find and eliminate the cause. Otherwise we’re just managing symptoms, but not restoring true health. Everyone knows we have

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We cannot forget love.
Love is our home sweet home.
We recall our stirring under the countenance of kindness,
with inner wellings, like the memory of real home,
our happiest awakenings.
Is this the dream, or are these,
our nightmares of exclusion from love?
What are we here for?
What we need is non-negotiable.
We feel for love. We know what it is, and what it is not.
We watch, wait, and seek to enjoy.
Even walking down the street, we feel for it.
We live every moment of real consciousness
alert to its promising touch.
We are listening for love and we are answering to it.
It turns our minds around on the pavement.
What we feel is unavoidable.
We are awash in the waves of emotion in the everywhere sea,
yet every moment we inspect with feeling.
Every inspection is an instant victory
or disappointment for the heart:
If love is not to be fulfilled now, it wants to know,
will it be fulfilled now? Or now? Or when?
Who we are is unforgettable.
What being does not sit and wait,
and ponder the question of love in the free hours?
What heart does not thrill to tenderness?
What mind does not play and replay its memories of close feeling?
What vision does not envision the next good moment,
and how it will be?
If we are not lovers, what are we?
Thus we remember ourselves.

Our Projects

Love is the unstinting response, from the heart, to the real needs of others. Over the years, we’ve created several projects to address important needs we’ve found. You can read about them on our Projects page, and see a small sample, below.