Dear Friends, May these messages bring you new perspectives, upliftment, and support in your efforts to bring love, trust, and the best of who you are to life and to those around you.

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Monogamy, Polyamory, and What It Takes to Be Fulfilled

Marriage used to be an essential part of what most people envisioned as a fulfilling life. But times have changed! These days, getting married is not a given for many people, and even what it means to be married is changing. The freedoms of modern life are giving people the opportunity to experiment with new approaches, but modern culture is pretty clueless about what it really means to be fulfilled, and what it takes to get there. How can people achieve fulfillment without understanding what they’re aiming for? …

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David Truman on YouTube: “The Amazing Truth and Purpose of Relationship”

Relationship—we all want it, we all need it, and it kicks our butt. At least, close relationship does. Relationship is so challenging that many people simply give up on relationship, or they avoid the challenge of closeness by keeping their connections casual and superficial. But whenever we sincerely embrace any relationship, even a one-night stand, it challenges us by pulling us out of ourselves, out of our comfort zone, and beyond our personal preferences and plans. In this talk, David Truman explains why relationship is so spiritually important …

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How to Love with All Your Heart: Both Universally AND Personally

Love is a necessity of life; it’s our real soul food. Science will never be able to measure how much love, and what kind of love, a human being requires in order to thrive and grow. But scientific methods aren’t needed. Each of us innately feels it when we don’t have the amount and kind of love in our lives we need to feel fulfilled. Even people with intimate partners, loving family members, and a group of good friends may still feel something is lacking in their love …

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New YouTube Video: The Inside Track

Dear Friends, When someone speaks, what do you hear… and what do you feel? There are two levels to every interaction. On the surface, we exchange pleasantries and share data with each other. But much more is actually flowing between us. Below the surface are emotional undercurrents of how each of us feels physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This deeper content is rarely mentioned, but if we tune into it, we feel what the other is feeling. We experience what they’re experiencing. When we pay attention on that level, …

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Love Actually IS the Answer

Poets and mystics have said, “Love is the answer.” That rings true, in a lofty, abstract sort of way. But when the world is going up in flames, metaphorically and literally, an abstract answer isn’t what we need. And still, love actually is the answer, a very real, down-to-earth answer. The trouble is, we can’t see it that way until we’re willing to recognize the real problem, and until we’re willing to solve it. Hang in there, and I’ll explain…. Everywhere we turn, we see things that are …

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Latest YouTube Offering: “Show Me the Ashes, I’ll Show You the Phoenix”

Dear Friends, We are constantly trying to get what we want out of life, in myriad ways. We are always hoping to achieve self-fulfillment through personal striving. And then, when each attempt fails, we dust ourselves off and try again, a little differently each time. But there’s something fundamentally wrong with the entire psychology behind our efforting, and all of it is doomed to fail. In this powerful and illuminating talk, David explains how to break this otherwise endless cycle. The simple, eternal way to fulfillment and liberation …

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We Shouldn’t Need to Bend Ourselves Out of Shape to be “Normal”

Dr. C, my family’s physician, was in a class by himself. He and I always spent the first fifteen or twenty minutes of my appointments just sitting and chatting, before he ever examined me. He was interested in health, not sickness, and that’s what he promoted. And that’s how he lived: He was a dedicated runner and swimmer and rode his bike to work every day. I’ll never forget him saying, “If I was in normal health, I’d commit suicide.” His comment applies to more than just fitness …

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Watch on YouTube: “Freedom Is from the Past, in the Heart”

Dear Friends, When people go into therapy or personal reflection, looking for the cause and hopefully the solution to their personal problems, they usually find a cause outside themselves. Something from their past—some hurtful situation, some traumatic event—that now limits them. The trouble is, the past is over. Nothing about it can be changed. So whatever caused their problems is still causing their problems. In this talk, David Truman describes this perennial dilemma and how to solve it. The solution is simple, direct, and inside each one of …

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Seductive Pleasure

Pleasure: A Hidden Test of Love

It’s obvious to everyone that difficulty puts love to the test. But who suspects that pleasure also tests our love? Almost no one. And that’s why we’re blindsided when we’re tested by pleasure, and we so often flunk the felicity test.  We’re not used to thinking of pleasure as a test of love. Isn’t love a wonderful source of pleasure, and a great pleasure in itself? Absolutely! There’s nothing wrong with pleasure, and it’s completely natural to pursue whatever we find pleasurable. But there may be plenty wrong …

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