Dear Friends, May these messages bring you new perspectives, upliftment, and support in your efforts to bring love, trust, and the best of who you are to life and to those around you.

New YouTube Video: “Revising the Blueprint for Love”

Dear Friends, The usual approach to love and relationship is to find a special someone to love, and focus our love and attention on them primarily. Others are not “supposed” to matter as much. But we’ve all experienced what a lie that is. In “Revising the Blueprint for Love,” a talk recorded in 1983, David Truman says: “In theory, it should not matter that people blow hot and cold. In theory, one moment when your …

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Collusion: Selfishness Disguised as Support

It’s your happy day when you discover that your house is infested with termites. Wait a minute! What’s so happy about that? Well, it’s truly fortunate to find out about a serious but hidden problem that is threatening the very foundations of your home, so you can promptly take care of it. And it’s the same if you’re unknowingly doing something that’s bad for your love relationships—like collusion. You need to know, so you can …

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Just Added to YouTube: “Apology Is Golden”

Dear Friends, All human beings do things we feel legitimately guilty about — things we know better than, things below our personal heartfelt standards, things that cause someone else a pain or a problem. At such times our guilty feelings are the natural response of our heart, drawing our attention to our wrong turn, asking us to correct it. But typically, people react badly to guilt, and separate from others in shame. That unhealthy reaction …

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Announcing “How to Handle Wrongdoing”

Dear Friends, Great news! “How to Handle Wrongdoing,” a new study guide based on the Wrongdoing Card, is now available for free download on the Cards for Living website. Guilt and wrongdoing are such challenging experiences for people — and how we handle those experiences is crucial. When we do wrong it can be hard to face, but if we don’t handle it well, our peace of mind and our relationships suffer. “How to Handle Wrongdoing” helps in …

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Now Showing on YouTube: “LOVE, the Only Solution”

Dear Friends, There are a myriad human experiences and problems that challenge humanity. Throughout the ages, compassion has compelled spiritual teachers to specifically address many of these challenges, in order to relieve humanity’s suffering and free people to achieve their spiritual destiny. Unfortunately, each remedy that has been prescribed is eventually undermined by the effects of self-centered, unloving living. The only true and lasting solution is LOVE — to live AS love. This remarkable talk …

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Your Love Makes a Difference

Dear Friends, The state of the world is on everyone’s mind, and weighs on every sensitive heart. The state of the world. The state of humanity. The growing restlessness and unhappiness of every nation, and of every people. Even if the world in our backyard is not immediately affected, the troubles at a distance are pressing in, almost at each person’s feet, and already affecting our hearts, each and every one of us. The helplessness …

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Your Humanity Is the Answer to All the Ills of this World

Dear Friends, Your humanity is the answer to all the ills of this world. Your humanity. Your humanity is what brings out the humanity in others. Your humanity is what brings out right and loving responses in you, which are essential in these times of social, political, and environmental insecurity. There is a pain in the heart of each of you over the suffering of many people, and over the loss of joy and freedom …

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A Realistic Outlook for Today

Dear Friends, When reading the news and looking at the world around, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. But we need to keep our spirits up, so we can help make things better, in our homes, our communities, and the world. The Realism Card offers support for that. It reminds us that even though there are many things outside our control, our attitude and approach toward life and others is entirely ours to choose. …

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Now Live: New and Improved

Dear Friends, We’re happy to announce that a new, mobile-friendly version of our FaithCrisis website is now live! First launched in 2004, is dedicated to helping people who are struggling through a personal “dark night of the soul.” These crucial turning points are quite common in human life, but rarely talked about. At these tender times in the spiritual life of a growing soul, it is really hard to find a source of unbiased help, …

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