Love Is the Cure

Dear Friends, Where is the light at the end of this tunnel? It is close at hand, but deeper than we think. To fully cure any illness requires us to find and eliminate the cause. Otherwise we’re just managing symptoms, but not restoring true health. Everyone knows we have a serious health crisis on our hands. But it’s much worse than that: we have a serious spiritual crisis. It’s a different kind of infection, and …

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The Opportunity at Hand

Dear Friends, All around the world, people’s lives have suddenly changed. It has never been so obvious that we are all in it together. The governments of many countries are advising everyone to stay home. The world has slowed down. The traffic has radically dropped, and many of us are home, face to face with ourselves, with the ones with whom we share our lives, and with the situation at hand. It’s a time of …

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Loving Through the Pandemic

Dear Friends, The world right now is plagued by fear and alienation. As many of you feel, the virus is a threat to people’s physical health, but the fear and alienation is a greater disease. Right now we are in a state of pandemic fear and alienation. It’s alarming and more alarming every day. Institutions are shutting down, gatherings are cancelled or postponed. Governments recommend staying home and avoiding physical proximity. People are hoarding, avoiding …

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